Sejal Vora
"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
~ Albert Einstein ~
Everyone is born with 8 intellects and are gifted with some intellect's stronger than the others, however not all of us have the opportunity to tap into our gifts. The key is to know exactly which intellects are stronger and use those to harness the weaker.
Every human is born with INNATE INTELLECT which is used to acquire knowledge and information, which in turn is processed by the brain to INTELLIGENCE.
Scientifically is has been proved that the design on your finger tips is the exact same design on the neo cortex of your brain
Using specialised hardware we collect the Dermatoglyphs with a custom-designed fingertip scanner and using state of the art software we analyze the lobes of the brain to understand how active each lobe is.
Frontal lobe : Allows you to see how active your personality/peoples skills & logic/imagination are.
Parietal lobe: Allows you to see how active your Tactile is (body movement)
Temporal lobe: Allows you to see how active your linguistic/auditory functions are.
Occipital lobe: Allows you to see how active your visuals identification is.

These evaluations give an in-depth of an individual's innate intelligence along with their personality, behavioural patterns, communication preferences, learning styles, and potential strength and limitations. It allows you to see why you are the way you are and how you process information. It gives you an in-depth understanding of who you innately are.
Uses for Brain Mapping :
Understanding your Child (ages 2+)
Understanding relationships
Understanding who you innately are
Career guidance

Step 1: Finger print capturing (Time: 10 minutes)
Step 2: Analysis Generation (48 Hours)
Step 3: Counselling/Analysis (Time: 1 hour)

"Amazing! Made me see how all the while I thought I was making the right 'decisions' for myself, it was actually my innate guiding the way.
Have come to harness in so much more in life now ... knowledge is power!"
Aliya Rashid
Age 29 (CEO Audiophile)